Sublimation by calender can be worked roll by roll or cut garment.

The Hatapress model CMI1726 160 wide multifunction textile sublimation calender is an ideal tool for sublimation and transfer work.

Then, it is used for productions of both sportswear, masks, soon fashion as flags.

That is, for any textile product that you want to customize using the sublimation technique.

With this, the Hatapress textile calender incorporates a cooling system that once turned off the engine continues to rotate until reaching the temperature of 90ºc preventing the mat can burn.

Its 26 cm diameter chrome cylinder heated by oil ensures a uniform sublimation tone throughout the garment.

Automatic belt centering system.

Starter consumption 11 Kw.

Therefore, once it reaches the sublimation temperature +/- 200ºC its consumption is reduced by 50%.

  • It needs a small compressor.
  • Three-phase.
  • Weight 1.000 Kg

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