The sublimation calender Transmatic roll with cylinder heated by oil 35 cm in diameter.

That is, the working width can be 170 cm / 193 cm/ 245 cm/ 320 cm.

Technical Sheet

In other words, it is a rotary machine for calender sublimation for sublimation transfer printing from paper transfer to synthetic, knitted or non-woven fabrics such as polyester, nylon, acrylic.

In the case of, prints made directly on polyester fabric with the help of digital printers.

Similarly, the calender can be used to fix color pigments perfectly and economically.


Preparation for the production:

In addition, it has 3 expansion axes that allow a person to take and place the paper transfer roll, the material to be printed and the protective paper (if necessary).

Then, the transfer paper is placed directly above the input of the printing rollers, using gravity to load the machine straight and evenly.

Also, the tension is adjusted by pneumatic clutch control. Therefore, the material is pulled in a straight line and passes through an "S" that adds more tension.

After that, from the "S" the material is moved on an expansive roller that guarantees a straight path at the entrance of the press.

With which, the rewinding of transfer paper and printed fabric.

Most importantly, paper and fabric are immediately separated at the output of the print.

And, they are transported to the back of the machine where they guarantee easy access to their respective coilers.

For this reason, the pneumatic rods carry the rollers and support brackets.

Which, have been designed to allow a person to remove the finished coils and reposition the rod with a single gesture.

In conclusion, a pneumatic clutch and electronic speed control allows easy adjustment of the rewinding tension.


Technical data:

First, the oil-heated cylinder has 1 thermostat with proportional system.  Second, production 1.3 m / min - 1.42 yd / min. for a print time of 40 seconds. It also features a safety bar and reverse control. Third, the cylinder diameter is 35 cm (13.77 in). However, the belt tension is adjustable. With electroneumatic proportional dynamic control of the felt. In addition, it has an automatic machine cooling timer. It also has ultra-light air expansion shafts for unwinders and rewinders. The loading table is optional. With variable speed control. In short, the machine must be connected to compressed air.

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