The standard dimensions of the top plate heater is 40x50 and the bottom plates are interchangeable (the standard bottom plate is 40x50), ideal sizes for printing T-shirts, however, the custom sizes of each plate are available on request.

The pneumatic carousel transmatic rotation of the stations is done automatically by programming by a timer that can be programmed from 2 to 60 seconds and the machine works continuously (automatic version)otherwise, with the foot-to-foot control, the rotation is carried out with the help of an operator (manual version).

Rotation by mechanical table (without chains or gears) with inverter positioning and braking.

Time, temperature and pressure are individually configured in each independent station.

The estimated production is about 8,000 T-shirts per day with the help of 2 operators and considering 3 seconds of rotation of each station.

Each bottom plate is equipped with a Nomex case.


  • All functions are controlled by PLC
  • The time, the temperature and the pressure of the 4 and 6 stations are totally independent
  • Measure standard of the upper and lower plates is 50 × 40 cm
  • Each station is equipped with an electronic safety system.
  • Easy entry / sorting system for loading and unloading of the fish to be printed at a suitable distance from the poached plate.
  • Interchangeability of quick coupling plates
  • Temperature 50 ° -255 ° C

Technical Data: 

Model CA 1000
 Voltage  380 V + N three phase o 220 three phase
Consumption / h  6,5 KW / h
Range temperature 50 ° C / 255 ° C
Installed capacity 13,8 kilowatts
Pressure 0/600 gr / cm2

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