The transfer 6540 SPORT calender from the Transmatic brand. It is a multi function sublimation calender designed for the transfer of cut parts or roll to roll.

Oil-heated cylinder calender in full diameter 40 cm with minimum energy consumption.

Technical Sheet 6540 SPORT

The heating system of the Transmatic calender reduces consumption to 50% when the drum reaches the sublimation temperature of +/- 200ºC.

Technical Data:

  • Speed 1.6 m / min with a printing time of 40 seconds.
  • Width of the doily 196 cm with a useful print of 180 cm.
  • Electro-pneumatic system of carpet guide.
  • Ultra-light aluminium transport rods allow easy loading.
  • Safety bar with reversing.
  • The automatic paper air separator prevents "split" printing.
  • A protruding conveyor belt cools and carries the molded parts to the back of the machine for collection.
  • Three decoilers and three friction and motorized rewinders.
  • Automatic machine shutdown system after carpet cooling.

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