The Transmatic 6560 SPORT textile calender has been specially designed for digital printing on cut pieces and impressions. This application is in special demand in the sports t-shirt printing industry.

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A new oil heating system ensures a uniform temperature distribution over the entire length of the cylinder with minimal energy consumption. Transmatic oil heating systems consume 50% less energy than electrical machines. The 24 ”/ 61cm calender diameter is suitable for digital printing needs.

Technical Sheet 6560 SPORT

Optionally equipped with 3-inch shaft

The 6560 SPORT textile grille has 3 different operating modes:

The transfer paper sheets are placed design side up on the table. Cut fabrics (front, back, arms, collars, etc.) are placed on top of the design. With the push of a button, the sheet loads automatically.

Printed pieces of fabric and paper exit the machine via a rear conveyor belt and a front conveyor belt. An air bar “separates” the paper from the printed parts. This system eliminates the risk of duplicating printing and no longer requires the use of adhesive paper.
Use of transfer paper in reels with the possibility of placing cut pieces of fabric.
Traditional printing of both transfer paper and continuous fabrics.

Transmatic ironers with the new oil heating system increase your production, save time and energy costs. High productivity, quality design and our service even after the sale give good reasons to invest in Transmatic for all your digital sublimation printing needs.


Technical data:

  • Oil heating system for perfect heat distribution
  • 24 "heated cylinder (grille with 61 cm diameter cylinder)
  • Ribbon speed of 2.5 mt / min (2.7 yd / min) with a print time of 40 seconds
  • Ribbon width 190 cm (77 ") with a usable impression of 180 cm (72")
  • Electro-pneumatic proportional dynamic control of the mat
  • Ultra-light aluminum carry bars allow for easy loading.
  • Automatic paper separator to avoid "double" printing
  • 2 Outbound conveyors cool and bring printed parts to the rear of the machine to separate them
  • Paper unwinder
  • Three friction unwinders and 3 friction and motorized rewinders
  • Automatic machine shutdown system after mat cooling
  • Adjustable digital speed control

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