LAMINATOR CALENDER LMT 70/40 is designed for the application of metal sheets and special effects:
Heat transfer films, sheets with micro-stitching (full or partial lamination) on fabrics, knitted fabrics and continuous substrates.
Thermo-gluing and film / web coupling, relief printing with release papers, transfer printing of polyurethane, synthetic leather and PVC.

Technical data:
Cylinder heated with diathermic oil

Safety bar and reverse control

Safety beam barriers

Independent motors with inverter

Ultralight Air Expansion Shafts for Unwinders and Rewinders

Touch screen

Double heating

40 cm diameter hard chrome lower cylinder

35 cm diameter upper silicone cylinder

Useful table working  180 cm

Consumption at startup: 37 Kw. Average consumption 17 Kw

Net weight: 3,100 Kg

Pressure through 2 cylinders:
MODIFICATION. LMT 70/40 Hydraulic 70 kg / cm²