Hatapress specialist in the sale and installation of calender for textile sublimation.

Roll roll calenders and multi-functional calenders with positioning table for sublimation of cut garment. Access and find the sublimation machine. 

Large-format calenders up to 3.20 cm and calenders for small productions and samples.

All of our Hatapress and Transmatic calenders feature an oil cylinder heating system to ensure the same color throughout the garment

The oil heated system makes the drum temperature completely stable.

This system guarantees a uniform sublimation colour and a saving in energy costs, since when the sublimation temperature is reached, the energy consumption is reduced by half.

Transmatic Italian manufacturer of calandras with a great track record, has fully relied on the experience of Hatapress.

Transmatic has therefore signed a distribution contract for the whole of Spain.

You can now agree to buy calender. You will find your sublimation calender for the customization of your shirts, different brands such as transmatic calenders, Klieverik calenders... Calender for sublimation or textile calender.

Our technical team has been trained and certified as a technical service of Transmatic in Spain, both for the installation of their sublimation calenders and for their maintenance.

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    STOCK and ROLL

    For easy stoking and identification of protective and printing paper coils...