As you already know, to complete a sublimation process, we need a sublimation plotter, a computer to transfer the designs to the plotter and a thermal plate or textile calender.

Nowadays, sublimation printing has become the guarantee of quality, giving a final result with photographic quality.

The sublimation plotter uses heat to transfer the ink to the printing paper from a ribbon with four 4-color CMYK Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black sublimation ink.

The main advantage that sublimation offers through a plotter is the possibility of being able to personalize the garments, without the need to depend on third parties, autonomously and economically. Thanks to the plotter, designs of excellent quality and durability can be achieved over time and with respect to washing.

Sublimation plotters range from the size of an A4 up to 3.20 meters wide.

The print area is something to consider when choosing a Potter. Large format water based potters typically come in working area formats between 1.10m, 1.60m, 1.80m and 2.5m.

The quality of the head is of vital importance, since the life of the head, the quality of the printing and its reaction to the ink depend on it. It is a key piece in terms of maintenance. There are plotters with 2 heads, 4, 8 and up to 16 heads. For medium production, most customers opt for 2 or 4 head plotters.

Room temperature is another very important point to take into account before deciding to buy a sublimation plotter, since we must have an area conditioned at a constant temperature, to prevent the ink from drying out and clogging the heads.

Finally, you have to take into account the after-sales technical service, this should offer you a guarantee and security, both at a technical level and spare parts in stock in case your machine presents problems or needs maintenance after its normal work use.

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