Many of the customization techniques require the use of a transfer press at some point in the process. Both for the sublimation process and for the application of transfers, vinyl, strass etc, heat and pressure are needed for the transfer to take place.

Hatapress specialists in machinery for sublimation and transfer, we have a wide range of models, so you can find the best one that suits your needs.

Types of transfer heat press:

Manual press of manual opening and closing for short productions

Semi-automatic press with manual closing and automatic opening by means of an electro magnet. This type of iron allows you to get away from the work area without exposing the garment to the risk of burning, since at the end of the programmed transfer time, it will automatically open itself.

Automatic heat presses, here we must differentiate two types, electric presses and pneumatic presses. The pneumatic press, with automatic opening and closing by means of a button and with a pressure of 8 bars, exerted by an air compressor, are the perfect work tool for large productions, both for textile transfer and rigid.

Once we have decided what type of press we need, we must verify what size fits us. A standard size is 40x50. From here, and depending on your type of production, we have plates up to 1m x 1.20m.

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