The Transmatic calender is designed to work quickly and comfortably with all kinds of fabrics such as polyester, nylon.

They are perfect for the sublimation of all types of sportswear, work clothes, masks and soon fashion.

Transmatic sublimation machines allow working both roll to roll and positioning.

In addition, all Transmatic calenders are equipped with sensors for carpet recognition and self-alignment.

Transmatic Italian firm dedicated to the manufacture of calenders since 1984.


It has established itself in the market thanks to its deep experience in heat transfer machinery, its competence and professionalism together with the continuous search for technological improvement and its R&D department have made it consolidate in the market as a leading brand in both quality and product guarantee.

The Transmatic calenders have incorporated a system of heating the drum by oil achieving a homogeneous and stable heat throughout the cylinder giving the same color tone throughout the garment.

Thanks to its "full tank" system, it reduces the cost of electricity consumption by half consumption once it reaches its sublimation temperature.

Transmatic Italian company with 100% manufacturing in Italy.

He has entrusted us with the distribution of his calenders throughout Spain.

Together with our specialized technical service, approved and certified by the company give the security that the customer needs.

calandra transmatic


  • Width sublimation: 160 cm
  • Cylinder diameter: 21 cm.

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